Week Three and Four’s Videos

5. The Rain- Oh Wonder

Reminds me of rainy days. Very Peaceful.

4.On The Regular-Shamir 

Weird but only the good kind. And Genius!

3. Honey Dip-Dev

Cool Song. Makes me wanna buy some honey.

2. Levels by Nick Jonas

One Word. Dance.

1. Soap by Melanie Martinez

All I think of are all the times I said the wrong things and later regretted them

Piercing Review


Hey! Again I’m back! Today, I want to tell you or rather brag about my piercing. Yesterday, my brother and I went to this piercing called Diamond Heart. It was a short drive to get there but luckily there were no traffic. Anyway, once we entered the shop, I noticed the jewelry. The jewels are made of real diamonds and everything is Eco-friendly. The picture above is my actual ear. This is currently day two and so far my cartilage feels fine. I got the piercing on my left cartilage. The piercer was very nice and she literally finished me in five minutes or less. For those who have never done it or currently thinking of doing, it doesn’t hurt, I would compare it to a pinch and less painful than getting blood work done. I’m super happy about this one. This is only my second piercing in my life. I always wanted a second piercing but I was scared about what type of equipment but after seeing my brother get his done, I was totally invested to do it. I’m super happy! This is only my second piercing. Soo I wanted to thank everyone in the shop by telling my experience. Hope everyone gets a similar experience as I had. 😃😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️