“How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?”

-Tyler Durden

Trans Not Invited?

Earlier today, I read an interesting report about transgender college student prevented from admission in some religious schools. This is very sad since back in Princeton University, they allowed their transgender students to living among them as their preferred gender. Now twenty states are receiving federal waivers to not accommodate transgenders in campus life. Around 30 or so colleges & universities were granted religious exemptions and waivers to discriminate against the gay & lesbian students. This is tragic! Come on, really? I thought the LGBT community was progressing in terms of acceptance but I guess not so much. I’m a big supporter of the LGBT community and I say we let these students go in the restrooms they want to and attend the schools they want. At the end of the day, all of us college students are paying around the same amounts for tuition, books, and etc. Give them a break. Life is hard enough!

L.A. Shut Down

L.A. Shut Down

Earlier Today, both Los Angeles and New York received terrorist threats through emails stating a potential plot of  large-scale attacks across the country.  In the east, New York simply ignored the treats and treated them as nothing while on the west coast, the city of Los Angeles was taking the situation very serious. They even shut down more than nine hundred public & a hundred and eighty-seven charter schools due to the threat. LA host two of the largest school districts across this nation! This is a grand scheme of things. It was  not so long ago, the San Bernardino shootings has everyone shaking in fear. I’m not shocked by their actions today, however, when will there be a turning point when an actual attack happens then What? Are we simply going to let these terrorists destroy us as a nation? These attacks needs to STOP before there are more unnecessary casualties. We need to start protecting ourselves whether it’s by bearing arms or making another treaty. Point is we need to fight back as a Nation!