Movie Review Time!

Hey Guys!!! Its been soooo long and I apologize for it. My finals are finally over and now I can reunite with internet once again! Anyways…. Today, I’ll be reviewing two movies; Deadpool and Zootopia.


First of all, Zootopia was well scripted. I liked all of the characters and the fox, Nick is my favorite. All other references are notable but subtle like Judy the bunny’s iphone 6 or even the weasel selling bootleg versions of past Disney movies . I love the overall plot of Judy and Nick being the underdogs and trying to fight for justice. The animation itself is amaze-balls. Especially the different environments such as the bunnyville to the rainforest to the city itself. The coloring is fantastic. Overall, everything about this movie is one everyone of all ages can enjoy.








I know I’m late with this but I just watched it for the first time and my initial reaction was ok. I mean I was originally excited to see the movie since I heard many thing about Deadpool based on the comics. It was different to say the least. First, the amount of sarcastic and funny references were the core of the movie. Without the comedy, this would be a completely different movie. The musical elements of DMX and Wham! was a cool twist. The overall plot was alright. His relationship with Vanessa is cute and different from most hero romances. Deadpool being an anti-hero suits his personality and fighting style greatly. Overall the movie was enjoyable to watch and makes me want to follow more of Deadpool’s antics. If you love action, and dark-comedies than this is the movie for you!