Food Recalls

First Eggos and Now Blue Bell  Ice Cream?! 

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Recently, there has been a trend of frozen foods manufactured in the South contacting Listeria. Man this sucks! I love Eggos and now I guess I have to settle for something else in the mornings.Listeria is no joke. This is a disgusting bacteria which can turn into listerosis; a serious disease caused by exposure. Most at risk are pregnant women, people with weak immune systems, and people older than 65. Common symptoms includes muscle aches, headaches,  and fatigue. Now, all I want to say is LEGO MY EGGOS!!!! 

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Ham + Dog= HamDog? 

Apparently, a man named Mark Murray decided to create the first official combo of a 🍔 and a 🌭 all in one meal. He first pitched the idea on Shark Tank back in 2004. Now, his dreams are finally coming true. ✨  The HamDog is only $8 and sold as a regular right now. (Sorry gluten-free and wheat lovers). The way this is made is by splitting a hamburger then put a frank in the middle. Simple as pie! To read more about this super food, click here!