If you don’t like the narratives people are painting of you create your own platforms to control your own narratives.
-Charlamagne The God

Last Night, Charlamagne got under fire after mentioning how minority women should be more progressive regarding their messages on their platforms but after reading some of his recent tweets, this seems more of a misunderstanding than anything but we can tell you one thing, everyone can have a platform and yet, the key to success is how you use it. So thanks Charlamagne for these wise words!

Lipstick Letter


Dear World,

After being in hibernation for soo long, I decided to wake my ass out and go back to the swing of things. Hope everyone’s summers were amazeballs and for those back in school like me, congrats on surviving the first few weeks of school! Anyhow, I just had to share this new buzzfeed video since I have been borderline obsessed with their videos. Basically, the buzzfeed women are trying out a new line of lipsticks called lipd**** and they look like the type of lipsticks I would buy. Now women can have awesome lipcolor while throwing back their sexuality at men, Prefect for the modern woman!

In the words of Stewie Griffin…
Family Guy - Stewie

No other caption needs to explain the creativeness of these beauties. Check the video here and make sure to comment below to tell me what you think, yassh or nah.


If you want to know where to find these sticks, click on uk amazon  or Etsy

That’s all for today, Hugs and Kisses!