College Tour Dorm High

Hey Guys!

I have a story to tell you. Apparently, College tour guilds in Swarthmore College are now not allowed to bring future students and their families to go inside a certain dorm due to the frequent smell of weed. Some people even claim that when they go inside the dorm, it gives them a “contact high.” For more info, click here.


High Teens=No I what?

Apparently, there’s a recent study that proves people who smoke during their teenage years will have lower IQ’s later in life. Huh? That’s not shocking….at all.  Expect it’s NOT TRUE! Scientists decided to test this theory with twins. These twins would be tested in two stages of their lives, first stage when they are 9-12 years old and again once they’re between the ages of 17-20. Matter of fact, after undergoing an IQ test, the scientists figured out both groups were scoring identical numbers but the only difference is their vocabulary & general knowledge skills. Which were only slightly lower in those who smoked as expected than their normal twin. In conclusion, whether you smoke or not, doesn’t matter since everyone is pretty much screwed anyhow. Well, what the hell can we do in this point of time? Answer: IDK.

Trans Not Invited?

Earlier today, I read an interesting report about transgender college student prevented from admission in some religious schools. This is very sad since back in Princeton University, they allowed their transgender students to living among them as their preferred gender. Now twenty states are receiving federal waivers to not accommodate transgenders in campus life. Around 30 or so colleges & universities were granted religious exemptions and waivers to discriminate against the gay & lesbian students. This is tragic! Come on, really? I thought the LGBT community was progressing in terms of acceptance but I guess not so much. I’m a big supporter of the LGBT community and I say we let these students go in the restrooms they want to and attend the schools they want. At the end of the day, all of us college students are paying around the same amounts for tuition, books, and etc. Give them a break. Life is hard enough!