Story One

Hey Guys! Again it has been a loooong time since the last time I posted well…. Anything. So I decided to re-share a story I wrote years ago which was inspired by an episode of one of my favorite shows growing up, As Told By Ginger. Originally I made this little story into a post as a poem named Mad World  but recently I wanted to make it a full story. This is only a mini chapter of what’s to come.

Warning: this is a sad one.

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If you have never watched As Told By Ginger or don’t know which episode I’m referring to then click this link told by ginger poem and trust me the reference will click instantly. Anyways Here is the story. Enjoy and Cry many tears!!!!




She remembered. The way her life used to be, with her and her parents as one big happy family.

          She remembered. Reading to her younger sisters stories every night.

         She remembered. Always being praised for her grades and involvements in clubs. She was even her class representative in her school’s student council.

       She remembered. How she seemed cheerful on the outside but on the inside she yearned for anything but normality.

She would later start to think about what being normal was anymore.

Being normal now was pretending to be prefect and live inside made up fairy tales loved by everyone. When she went to do research, she got results but it still didn’t please her……    

Everyday that I come to school, I hear people talking about ethier each other or about a person that they don’t really know. I mean kids do this everyday and some are better than their victims. I know that some people would love to have people who are straight-forward. Personally, people who are nice to your face but then talk crap about you behind your back are better. Those are people that I love. They are being nothing but genuine and valiant. If you don’t like anything said about you then that’s too bad.

They’re actually doing you a favor. At least people will give a shit about what you did or didn’t do or even the decently to know your name!  

All of this drama, it’s really amusing! Some people start something for no reason. Other people picking on one another so they can make each other’s self-esteems worse. The things people say about each other sometimes makes me laugh. Drama is what I live for, crave for every second of the hour. I watch reality tv everyday and start the rumors for the fun of it. I mean most adults act more mature than ten year olds. Fun! If we were all normal, then the world would be at peace. Well.. guess what? There is such thing as a “normal” person. The last things we need in the world are a variety of freaks & weirdos. Whoever said they aren’t are crazy or stupid themselves. Everyone is the same, both inside and out. Only the freaks & geeks have flaws more obvious than most. So they’re the ones that need to change? Not the rest of the world? Not society as a whole?

What do I know I’m only a stupid kid in a twisted world!